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Residential Conveyancing

Residential Conveyancing Services relate to the sale and/or purchase of your home.

Conveyancing is essentially the transfer of the legal title from the sellers name into the name of the buyer.  Over the years, however, the amount of work expected of conveyancers has increased dramatically.  There are now many parts to the residential conveyancing process including: checking covenants on title deeds, verifying ownership of boundaries, investigating statutory approvals for alterations; all the way through to whether a washing machine is to be included in a sale.

At Right Conveyancing we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and ensuring a proactive approach is used to move the transaction forward with  a common sense attitude towards the type of enquiries raised. We are experts in the provision of Residential Conveyancing Services and work across the whole of the UK, specialising in London and the South-east of England.

Upon request we can provide a useful guide which explains what to expect from your conveyancer, and what they expect in return.

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Commercial Conveyancing

Commercial conveyancing relates to the sale and/or purchase/lease of your business premises.

The introduction of computers brought about a dramatic increase in the complexity of legal documents concerning commercial property. In particular, a typical lease of an office or shop can contain up to 60 pages with cross-referenced definitions, schedules and hidden dangers incomprehensible to the layman. That’s where the need for expert commercial conveyancing services come in.

Over the years, Right Conveyancing has had the pleasure to undertake commercial conveyancing services for international institutions and from the early years of dealing with rent recovery progressed through to dealing with all of the landlord and tenant work for prominent office blocks in Central London.

Commercial conveyancing requires a commercial approach. Your business cannot afford to waste time or money. Terry Ball’s Central London training means that we are able to provide Central London expertise at a reasonable price. We are proud to say that many of our business clients are recommended by Central London solicitors on the basis that the clients requirements are such that they cannot justify expensive legal costs but nonetheless need to know their commercial conveyancing is being dealt with by experienced hands.

Our clients include accountants, barristers, doctors, fashion designers, photographers, property dealers, restaurant owners and surveyors.

Whether you are starting a new business or considering a business move, please phone for a free initial consultation and estimate of fees for our commercial conveyancing services.


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Landlord & Tenant

Landlord & Tenant conveyancing includes advice in relation to your tenants and/or tenancy agreements.

The specialist area of Landlord & Tenant is a minefield of legislation spanning over many sectors of the Property Law spectrum. Based in London, an ever expanding capital where the demand for land is high but with limited supply, developers are forced to imagine a variety of methods in which to sell property. At Right Conveyancing we have first hand experience and our team can offer a wealth of experience.  We will be able to provide concise advice in relation to ALL areas, whether you are concerned in relation to the covenants within your flat lease, a requirement for Licence to Assign, Deed of covenant, Licence for Alteration or even establishing your obligations pursuant to an Assured Shorthold tenancy.

We have considered and created all types of lease from specialist criss cross leases, standard flats, maisonettes, leasehold houses and newly built apartment blocks.  As experts in this field the team at Right Conveyancing will have no problem in assisting you with any issues.

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Lease Extensions

Lease Extensions – following either s42 statutory procedure or an informal agreement for extending your lease.

When it comes to lease extensions, there are 2 ways in which you can extend your lease. At Right Conveyancing we excel at helping our clients with both:

a) the law gives tenants who have owned a leasehold property for 2 years the right to demand that their landlord extends their lease by 90 years and reduce the rent to nothing.  This is called a statutory lease extension.

b) by negotiating with the landlord.  There are no rules and no obligations when it comes to this option.

Please ask and we will provide you with some helpful notes.

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Raising additional money against your property or replacing an existing mortgage.

Did you know you can instruct your own conveyancer for your remortgage? You do not need to use the lenders!

Some lenders will even contribute towards your conveyancing fees!

Whether you’ve reached the end of your fixed rate or you’ve decided to raise additional monies for home improvement, Right Conveyancing can assist with a smooth transition to your new lender.

We can take the stress out of remortgaging for you. We will deal with paying off your existing mortgage, deal with any Landlord and ensure that the release of funds from your new lender is completed quickly and efficiently.


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Right to Buy

Assisting with your right to purchase your Council/Housing Association property.

Margaret Thatcher introduced the right for Council tenants to buy their Council properties at a  discounted rate and successive governments have not sought to repeal the right.  In fact the legislation has been changed/improved  and the amount of the discount significantly increased.  The right to buy is a good way for tenants to be able to get on to the property ladder but it is not without condition.  Buyers are obliged to repay part of the discount if they sell within a certain period and buyers may also have to offer their properties back to the Council upon resale.

At Right Conveyancing we are more than familiar with the right to buy process including examining the often forgotten s125 notice that accompanies the same.

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Shared Ownership and Help to Buy Schemes

Assisting with the sale or purchase of a share in your Housing Association property or  advising on the various Government Help to Buy schemes.

In recent times the government have sought to improve the Housing market by offering various schemes to Housing Associations, developers and the public. Right Conveyancing deal with all aspects and from all sides of the process.

We cover all areas of shared ownership including the complex stamp duty related transaction conundrum!

We are registered with the Help to Buy scheme and can apply for your Help to Buy ISA contribution and the procedure involved with the Help to Buy equity mortgage.


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